About The Association

The Association of International Banks was created to represent the International Banking and Financial Entities of Puerto Rico before government agencies and the local, federal and international financial community, as well as to facilitate the integration of these institutions with the Puerto Rican community in order to contribute with their economic strengthening.

What do we do?

The Association provides support to members of the international banking sector, which is evolving and growing in Puerto Rico, providing guidance on regulatory matters while supporting innovation and investment in the sector.

Our Commitment

Our associates are committed to the highest standards in banking practices, the use and development of cutting-edge technologies that allow us to offer quality financial services to the international community from Puerto Rico, United States.

Board of Directors

Eduardo Colón, Presidente

Advantage International Bank Corp.

Clementina Peraza

BNC International Banking Corp.

Rogelio Cardozo

ItalBank International, Inc.

Roger Duerig

Tolomeo Bank International, Corp.

Alexander J. Silver

Stern International Bank LLC

Pedro Vidal

Vidal, Nieves & Bauza LLC

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270 Muñoz Rivera Ave. - Suite 504 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918

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270 Muñoz Rivera Ave. – Suite 504
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918


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